Mystery Tee!



Can't decide what tee to get? Let us surprise you!!! It will feel like Christmas morning opening the surprise package! 😍 

Get one of our famous tees for only $20! Normally $30!!

You could get:

  • Gray Comfort Colors "Vintage Eagle" Tee [$35 Value]
  • Sand "Pray For Your Enemies" Tee   [$40 Value]
  • Pink "Freedom" Tee  [$30 Value]
  • Yellow "Freedom" Tee  [$30 Value]
  • Baby Blue "LOVE FIRST" tee  [$30 Value]
  • Black "LOVE FIRST" tee  [$30 Value]
  • White "LOVE FIRST" tee  [$30 Value]
  • Sand "LOVE FIRST" tee  [$30 Value]
  • Black Comfort Colors "Love Never Gives Up" Tee [$35 Value]
  • Crimson Comfort Colors "Become Love" Tee [$40 Value]
  • Orchid Comfort Colors "Retro" Tee [$35 Value] 
  • Crimson Comfort Colors "Become Love" Tee [$40 Value]

These top sellers have been flying off the shelves all year!

Surprise someone this Christmas with the gift of starting conversations about the Kingdom of Heaven! ❄️

😍  Super Stylish!

👌  Conversation Starters!

❄️  Ultra Comfy! 

We are called to walk as Jesus walked! He would love first so we will LOVE FIRST! 

It was Jesus' first reaction because it was who He is! He is Love and and his kindness leads to repentance! Everything Jesus did, from healing to correcting, was because He loved people!

It's amazing how many times these shirts cause someone to ask "what does your shirt mean?" allowing us to talk about the simple gospel to strangers everywhere!

The reality is Jesus loved us so much that gave His life to reconcile us back to the Father! 😭 

Join the movement today with a mystery Tee!