Mystery Hat!


Can't decide what hat to get? Let us surprise you!!!  It will feel like Christmas morning opening the surprise package! 😍 

Get one of our famous hats for only $20! Our hats are normally $35!!

You could get:

  • Denim "Retro" hat [$35 Value]
  • Tan "Retro" corduroy hat  [$35 Value]
  • Black "LOVE FIRST" dad hat  [$35 Value]
  • Green "Retro" corduroy hat  [$35 Value]


Since we released these hats, people all over the world have been able to style them while also starting conversations about the Good News of Jesus! 

 😍  Premium flat billed hats!

👌  Adjustable strap to fit any size!

💗  Quality embroidery!

Make a statement of love and truth everywhere you go! ❤️ 

Use this hat to remind everyone close to you what Jesus Did and His heart toward the world!

We truly believe these hats will start conversations they will have more of an impact than we can imagine. This blows our minds!

 "What Would Jesus Do?” has always been a commonly asked question within the Christian culture. 🔥

Let’s be people who put action into our answering the question: He Would Love First!

We want to tell the world what Jesus did!

Join the movement today and tell the world what Jesus is like!

His love brings conviction, transformation, and reconciliation! ❤️