About Us

What would Jesus do? The answer is here. The word became flesh and showed us what it looks like to walk in complete communion with the Father. And it looks like love. Jesus came to a world of sinners and showed the most radical expression of love by giving his life. For everyone. Looking into Jesus' life we see example after example of Jesus loving people that the world deemed unlovable and unforgivable. The past mistakes and shortcoming of prostitutes, tax collectors, lepers, and adulterers were no match for the healing and redeeming love of the savior. Now that we have received such a fiery love we have the honor being the living expression of love Himself. In a world with so much division, hatred and confusion we have the answer. The answer is being Jesus to the world. The answer lives in us.  Let's be the generation that answers the question "What Would Jesus Do?". 





H E   W O U L D   L O V E   F I R S T