Limited Edition WWJD Elastic | 4-Pack


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Each 4-pack contains (see the unique & reversible two sides in the images below):

  • 1x Black Reversible/Two-Sided Elastic Bracelet
    • side 1 = black bracelet + white W.W.J.D.H.W.L.F. pattern
    • side 2 = white bracelet + black LOVE FIRST text pattern + white HWLFlogo box

  • 1x White Reversible/Two-Sided Elastic Bracelet
    • side 1 = white bracelet + black W.W.J.D. x H.W.L.F. pattern
    • side 2 = white bracelet + black LOVE FIRST text pattern + black HWLF logo box

  • 1x Light Purple Reversible/Two-Sided Elastic Bracelet
    • side 1 = light purple bracelet + white W.W.J.D. x H.W.L.F pattern
    • side 2 = white bracelet + light purple LOVE FIRST text pattern + white HWLFlogo box

  • 1x Green Reversible/Two-Sided Elastic Bracelet
    • side 1 = green bracelet + white W.W.J.D. x H.W.L.F pattern
    • side 2 = white bracelet + green LOVE FIRST text pattern + white HWLF logo box

These go very fast! Get yours while we are still in stock.

    So many times in our lives we have struggled starting conversations about who Jesus is. We want to change that!

    It's amazing how many times this bracelet causes someone to ask "what does your bracelet stand for?", allowing us to talk about the simple gospel to strangers everywhere!

    These bracelets bring a new feel to our original woven bracelets! 

    Displaying the age old question along side the answer, these retro styled bracelets bring together the classic WWJD bracelet on a modern premium bracelet!

    Stretchy to fit any sized wrist!

    Join the movement today and tell the world what Jesus is like!

    Each 4-pack contains:

    • 1x Black Reversible/Two-Sided Elastic Bracelet
    • 1x White Reversible/Two-Sided Elastic Bracelet
    • 1x Light Purple Reversible/Two-Sided Elastic Bracelet
    • 1x Green Reversible/Two-Sided Elastic Bracelet