Winter Bundle | [2 Hoodies + 9 Bracelets] | [$150 Value]

Head into this hoodie season prepared with our 2 most popular hoodies + our 2 best selling bracelet packs! All in one for the best price we've ever had. This weekend only!

You Get:

1x Black “Statement” Hoodie

1x Baby Blue "Retro" Hoodie

1x "FAITH" Elastic 4-Pack

1x "CLASSIC" Woven 5-Pack

All for $58!.. Normally $150!

Use this bundle to remind everyone close to you what Jesus Did and His heart toward the world!

Giving 2 bracelets to each friend or family member allows them to wear one to remind them who Jesus is, while also giving one away with the opportunity to spread the Good News of Jesus coming to the earth to reconcile them back to the Father!

1x Black “Statement” Hoodie

We are called to walk as Jesus walked! He would love first so we will LOVE FIRST! 

It was Jesus' first reaction because it was who He is! He is Love and and his kindness leads to repentance! Everything Jesus did, from healing to correcting, was because He loved people!

❤️ Super comfortable fit! True to size!

Let your heart and motives be Love!

1x Baby Blue "Retro" Hoodie

 "What Would Jesus Do?” has always been a common question amongst Christian culture.

Let’s be people who put action into answering that question: He Would Love First! 

Light shines brightest in the dark!

Let your light shine! 

❄️  Cozy feel just in time for hoodie season!

1x "FAITH" Elastic 4-Pack

Each "FAITH" 4-pack contains (it's like getting 8 bracelets since they are reversible!):

  • 1x Forest Green 💚  Reversible/Two-Sided Elastic Bracelet
  • 1x Black 🖤  Reversible/Two-Sided Elastic Bracelet
  • 1x Pastel Orchid 💜  Reversible/Two-Sided Elastic Bracelet
  • 1x White ❄️  Reversible/Two-Sided Elastic Bracelet

👌  Stretchy, durable, and long-lasting! 

1x "CLASSIC" Woven 5-Pack

Each 5-pack contains:

  • 1x Black 🖤  Classic WWJD style Woven Bracelet
  • 1x Pink 💗  Classic WWJD style Woven Bracelet
  • 1x White ❄️  Classic WWJD style Woven Bracelet
  • 1x Forest Green  💚  Classic WWJD style Woven Bracelet 
  • 1x Red ❤️   Classic WWJD style Woven Bracelet 

 ❤️  People are so used to seeing WWJD on these classic bracelets! So when they see HWLF they are sure to ask what it stands for! This gives you an opportunity to tell them the Good News of what Jesus did; He loved us first while we were yet sinners to reconcile us back to the Father! ❤️ 


Our mission as Christians is to spread the gospel and tell everyone about who Jesus is!

The HWLF bracelet unites us as a body of believers and gives us a conversation starter, spurring us on to share Christlike love, truth, and encouragement with any and all we may encounter.

It gives you an opportunity to tell them the good news of what Jesus did; He loved us first while we were yet sinners to reconcile us back to the Father! ❤️