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You Get:

  • Sand "Love First" Comfy Hoodie 
  • Baby Blue "BE THE ANSWER" Hoodie
  • 1 FREE HWLF Bracelet

$100 Value For Only $59.95

"What Would Jesus Do?” has always been a common question amongst Christian culture.

Let’s be people who put action into answering that question: He Would Love First!

It's amazing how many times these four letters cause someone to ask "what does HWLF stand for?", allowing us to talk about the simple gospel to strangers everywhere! That Jesus loved us so much that gave His life to reconcile us back to the Father!



We are called to walk as Jesus walked! He would love first so we will LOVE FIRST! 

It was Jesus' first reaction because it was who He is! He is Love and and his kindness leads to repentance! Everything Jesus did, from healing to correcting, was because He loved people!

Let your heart and motives be Love!