A while ago I was looking at my WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) wristband and I wondered what my answer would be if someone actually asked me that question. "He Would Love First TM" was my immediate thought. Before labeling anyone as an "outsider" or letting what society said change His view of people, Jesus loved fully and unconditionally. With no strings attached He sowed seeds of love. With this simple revelation I began to realize, first, how often I can get things backwards or over complicate them instead of simply walking in love. Secondly, I thought how many people might not know what Jesus is like or "what he would do." Maybe they think he would call them out or list off all the things they're doing wrong. But Jesus is so much deeper than that and we want the world to know what he's really like. So a couple close friends and I created the H.W.L.F. TM wristband! Instead of wondering what Jesus might do let's answer the question so the world can know who He is and what He's like.