LIMITED RELEASE: ‘LOVE’ Pastel Woven 4-Pack!

For $19... you get:

1x Baby Blue 💙 Premium Woven Bracelet [H.W.L.F.]

1x Sky Yellow 💛 Premium Woven Bracelet [H.W.L.F.]

1x Soft Orchid 💚 Premium Woven Bracelet [H.W.L.F.]

1x Sky Mint 💎 Premium Woven Bracelet [H.W.L.F.]

These bracelets can be worn on your wrists, or as anklets on your ankle. They are washable & are sure to last for years.



Wearing a HWLF bracelet is far more than aesthetic and fashion, but rather than beginning to the most important conversation.

Our mission as Christians is to spread the gospel and tell everyone about who Jesus is!

The HWLF bracelet unites us as a body of believers and gives us a conversation starter, spurring us on to share Christlike love, truth, and encouragement with any and all we may encounter.

Adjustable to fit any wrist! 

SAVE BIG! Buy a 4-pack today and be a part of our movement in all colors.

Join the movement today and tell the world what Jesus is like!

His love brings conviction, transformation and reconciliation!