NEW! The "JOY" Pastel Elastic 3-Pack [Gift/Bundle & Save]


Our personal favorite release of 2020. Itā€™s clear you guys love them too, we have never had so much amazing feedback from the customer service team. šŸ™ŒšŸ½

Each 3-pack contains (its like getting 6 bracelets since they are reversible!):

  • 1xĀ Mint Green šŸ’šĀ Reversible/Two-SidedĀ ElasticĀ Bracelet
  • 1x Baby BlueĀ šŸ’™Ā Reversible/Two-SidedĀ ElasticĀ Bracelet
  • 1xĀ Pastel Yellow šŸ’›Ā Reversible/Two-SidedĀ ElasticĀ Bracelet

These bracelets can be worn on your wrists, or as anklets on your ankle. They are washable & are sure to last for years.

I personally love giving a bracelets pack to friends & family as gifts during the holiday season, they look great in the packaging + they will always be thinking about you & the joy you bring to their life every time they look at their wrist. šŸ˜‡

To help you guys out with gift buying during the holiday season, we are offering huge discounts when you get multiple bracelet packs! Get 4 packs [$100 value] for only $37.

So many times in our lives we have struggled to start conversations about who Jesus is. We want to change that!

It's amazing how many times this bracelet causes someone to ask "what does your bracelet stand for?", allowing us to talk about the simple gospel to strangers everywhere!

In each pack, you will get:

  • 1xĀ Mint GreenĀ Reversible/Two-SidedĀ ElasticĀ Bracelet
  • 1x Baby BlueĀ Reversible/Two-SidedĀ ElasticĀ Bracelet
  • 1x Light YellowĀ Reversible/Two-sided Elastic Bracelet

Stretchy to fit any sized wrist!

Join the movement! Walk like Jesus! His love brings conviction, transformation and reconciliation!