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About Partners:

Partners is an Organization that exist solely to spread Jesus to the unreached people of this world!

The gospel has yet to reach the ends of the earth. Currently, more than 3 billion people have little or no access to the gospel.

Partners advances the gospel to the least reached by identifying, connecting and partnering with indigenous leaders in more than 30 countries.

Their Mission:

Our mission is “for the billions” of people who have little or no access to the gospel. In fact, 3.2 billion people have yet to hear the name of Jesus. We believe that can change in our generation, but it takes all of us! We all have a role to play!

The WE at Partners is made up of many people. It’s our indigenous leaders working among the least reached. It’s everyone who invests, through prayer and giving, to make a way for the billions to experience Jesus. It’s our team, it’s our partners, it’s YOU!

As we work with indigenous leaders in more than 30 countries, we are committed to sharing the gospel among the least reached. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to hear and respond to the name of Jesus.

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Our Partnership:

Our mission at He Would Love First is simply to tell the WORLD about the unconditional, unimaginable LOVE OF JESUS ...

That's why we are SO excited tp join Partners in their mission:  "For The Billions". We want the world to know about the Love of Jesus!

So, we made a bracelet ... AND, ALL PROFITS through this bracelet will be donated to "Partners: For The Billions".

We are so excited about their mission & this partnership!! If you want to support, while also spreading the mission with a bracelet click here to checkout the bracelets!!

Also, follow them on instagram for more information & updates :)